Triskilian combine the tunes of different times and places. Their musical instruments range from reconstructions of almost forgotten instruments to traditional instruments: Nyckelharpa, oud, tzouras, hurdy-gurdy, harp, flute, shawm, bouzouki, bagpipe, ney, davul, goblet drum and more.
Their captivating performances include dances as well as ballads.
The musicians of Triskilian blend traditional tunes from all over the world.

Würzburger Greifenpack

For over ten years the 'Greifenpack' carries the audience away with fire and fights.

Experience the stories performed with swords, axes, daggers and shields - knights in shining armor, sly rogues while the damsel in distress takes up the sword to help herself.

As soon as the sun goes down the fire will be lit.
Dancing with the fire and fighting with burning swords the story told now resembles a bonfire.

Pannier buffon

Pannier buffon, the theatre on two legs, welcomes its noble guests with hand puppet plays. Adventures with knights, brigands and witches emerge out of the pannier to please the young and older audience. Mind the sound of the Dragons Horn and the calls of the puppet player: "Come here, come here,  a buffon play for young and elder folks is about to take place. Come here and behold the wooden comedians!"

Orlando von Godenhaven

While joking in english, french and german, Orlando von Godenhaven performs magic tricks. Using close-up magic he proves the effectiveness of his potions and relics.
He juggles, eats fire and swallows swords, tamed a marten and a flea, and is a escape artist.

Mind magic, mind reading, ventriloquism, telekinesis and more.
You will smirk in amazement!


Caecilia and Othric are the minstrels of Guglfuhr.
With lute, guitar, flute, bells and singing they ensure mirth whereever they perform. Their collection of songs involves songs about love, life, myths and legends and warfare.